Training Seminar w/ Lucha Underground senior official Marty Elias • February 18, 2017

Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is excited to have Southern California Pro Wrestling Vet and Journey man The New Aged Punisher B-Boy here at the dojo for a seminar.  This seminar is open to

Beginners Pro Wrestling Course starts April 3rd, 2017

BEGINNERS Pro Wrestling COURSE STARTS April 3rd, 2017 Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have a fighting spirit? Are you willing to keep going when everyone else wants to quit?

Fall 2016 training pictures

PUT IN THE WORK. PUT IN THE EFFORT. Check out some of the training pictures from this past fall 2016. Beginners, Intermediate, Character development, Lucha, Advanced and Semi Pro Classes. When you

“WRESTLING SCHOOL” Screening and Q&A at the dojo!

You’re invited to a screening of “Wrestling School” Thursday January 12th at 8pm, the new crowdfunded documentary about the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens, CA directed by Max Minor. Take an inside