Frequently Asked Questions Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Commonly Asked ?’s/ FAQ ‘S

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1. I’m 18 years old, 5’5, 135 lbs, have a slight muscular build and wanted to be a wrestler my whole life. I taught myself a lot of moves with friends, do you think I can make it ?

Who knows if anyone is going to make it. Without evaluating you in the ring and seeing you, I can’t make that call. There is only one way to tell that is for you to come down to SBWA.

2. How long does it take before we know everything?

In life you learn something new everyday, same goes for wrestling. The day you know everything, is the day to hang your boots up!!

3. I already work out 5-6 days a week at the gym. Is there any type of special training to get a wrestlers physique/build? What kind of cardiovascular & weight regiment should I be doing?

What you are doing is correct to obtain a wrestlers body. Just change up your routine as your body gets used to the same routine and doesn’t allow for full impact to your muscles. The only special training you will need is PRO WRESTLING training in addition to what you currently are doing.

4. I’m not a “mark”, I’ve seen “The Wrestler” and I know slang terms such as “kayfabe”, “juice”, “gig”, and “potato”. My friends say wrestling is a work and you can see on TV they’re not really hurting each other, whats up with that?

Be sure to have your friends watch any of our instructors on any DVD or YouTube. kAos, Supreme, Angel, Mongol. As there are many critics and nay-sayers, today’s wrestlers have to prove themselves that much more, they have to hit harder and be more brutal due to people of a reality television society looking to exploit every little flaw. As with all physical contact sports you will receive a your fair share of bumps, bruises and blood. If you don’t expect to get hurt go play x-box.

5. Can I wrestle for WWE from SBWA?

Yes it can be your goal. But we don’t make guarantees. We’ll teach you how to wrestle and we wont bullshit you. We’ll give you the road map to success and give you all the tools you need to succeed. But it’s gonna take your hard work ethic, effort, talent, mindset and perseverance to achieve your goal.

6. Will I make a lot of money being a pro wrestler?

A small percentage actually make money by signing million dollar contracts, but the majority wrestle on the independent circuit. The average wrestler makes about $25 – 50, if you’re a good, sought after wrestler you can make anywhere from $300 – 500 or even $1000 per show.

7. Is pro wrestling a hard business to get into?

A few men and women will change the wrestling world, but like trying to be an actor in Hollywood, it is the hard work and dedication that can pay off. There is a lot of heart break and heart ache, it is up to you to stay driven and keep moving forward, taking not only the good, but the bad. Are you going to quit?

8. Is training at SBWA like training for MMA or the UFC?

Although we do train in submission wrestling, our main focus is pro wrestling, such as you see on TV. As you may or may not know, anything can happen in the ring at any given time, we train you to handle any situation that may occur.

9. How old do you have to be to Join Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy?

You must be 18 years old. (17 with Parental permission>)

10. How can I contact you?

Call us at 323.896.3017 or email info@santinobros.net

12. Where are you located?

5640 Shull St. Unit S. Bell Gardens, CA. 90201

13. How much does it cost?

The Full Course is $2000 Check out our Payment Options HERE

14. When can I start?

Click HERE to get the latest info on the next Beginners Course

15. Is there an age limit?

No age limit. 18 years old & up. Our oldest student is 50 years old.

16. Can you MAKE me a pro Wrestler?

Can WE make YOU a pro wrestler….To become a pro wrestler it takes alot of hardwork, dedication, sacrifice, and most importantly heart. We will give all the tools you need to make you a pro wrestler.
The blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice is up to you. How far will you take it?

17. How long does it take to make a pro wrestler?

Our program last 1 year long. Some excel faster than others. But the question has been asked time and time again. Can you make me a professional wrestler? But more importantly, how long does it take to make a pro wrestler?

From my experience the correct answer is, you never stop learning. The day you think you know everything is the day you should take those boots off and hangem up.

Theres so many different aspects to building a pro wrestler. From execution of your moves to crowd psychology and everything in between. But seriously, how long does it take? Well, I could go on and on, but to truly answer the question 2 years.

Training 3-4 times a week along with weekly live shows.( 1-2 show per week). More if possible (depending on your territory.) ) You should be able to; control the match aspiring to become a ring general. Have great ring gear, good mic skills, creative move set, a believable finisher and crowd interaction always help too.

But truly to answer the question. The fact of the matter is, someone can be trained in a few short weeks, sometimes less and still get the job done. Believe you me they wont have 5 star matches, but Ive seen it done, on live TV none the less.

Try not to be too stubborn, listen to those that have paved the way. Even when it doesnt make sense, It will, in time. Become a sponge, absorb all you can, take the good with the bad and throw the crap out. You can always learn something new by keeping an open mind. And most important, remember to have fun. If your not having fun, then your not doing it right.