Lucha Libre Training

Lucha Libre Training

Lucha Libre Training here at Santino Bros dojo with the world renown tag team, former NWA Tag Team Champions Los Luchas – Phoenix Star & Zokre .  Originally called “Los Luchas Espectaculares”, most English speaking announcers couldn’t pronounce their name and thus Phoenix Star and Zokre became known simply as “Los Luchas”.

The Los Luchas training camp trains not only in11713940_10153448088497236_2607834283415651624_o traditional Lucha Libre, but also will show you how to incorporate traditional and Americanized forms of Lucha Libre into just about any type of match.   11707921_10153485202747236_7473636284847397160_oIn this class your confidence will grow with each session.  “I started doing moves I hadn’t done in 10 plus years.” says veteran Luchador/Pro Wrestler, Joey Kaos. It may be intimidating the first few times you try it But everyone experiences it, says instructor Zokre of Los Luchas
“Intimidation is part of the game. All of us who has stepped in to that ring has come across it many times in our career. Their is only one way to conquer it and you know what it is, experience is the best teacher.” Santino Bros Wrestling has hosted the Lucha Libre Training since 2011. Classes run every Tuesday night at 7:30pm.





  •  You must qualify to enter the Lucha Class ( prerequisite: Beginners Course )
  •  Classes are Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm
  •  $25 per session

“Try something you’ve always feared” -Zokre

Here’s a rare look into some of the warm ups.