Famous B.


Hometown: Hollywood, California
Height: 5 8
Weight: 195lbs
Catchphrase: Who wants my autograph?
Signature Moves: Shooting Star Press, 450 Splash, and Hollywood Sidewalk Slam

Famous B is just about as brash and arrogant as they come. He claims that he could have been famous at anything he chose to pursue in life. Some of these potential careers include: NBA basketball player, top paid rapper, or get this he could have even been selling tickets at the box office, not behind the glass where you purchase movie tickets but on the big screen starring in a lead role of a major motion picture. Despite the ability to accomplish any of these extraordinary feats Famous B says Pro Wrestling is his destiny. After joining Santino Bros Wrestling Academy in March of 2008 he looks to rise quickly up the ranks of Evolucha Entertainment Wrestling and with his quick wit on the mike and flashy in ring persona he definitely posses the charisma to do just that. To say Famous B is on the cocky side would be a huge understatement, he definitely only cares about one person and that’s the person he looks at in the mirror every morning.


Why I Became A Pro Wrestler By: Famous B

I became a pro wrestler because I believe pro wrestling is the greatest sport on earth. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I could remember what a t.v was. I remember watching guys like Hillbilly Jim and Capt. Lou Albano in black and white. I was no older than 2-3 years old. Since that time I’ve grown to a young handsome 23 year old sensation named Famous B. The road was definitely a rough rugged bumpy one to say the least but during all my ups and downs pro wrestling has been there through it all. I can remember me and my brother R.I.P Michael Holly when we were kids we would create games to play based off wrestling. My mom would buy us the cheap swap meet toy wrestling rings and action figures of all sorts and they all became wrestlers. G.I Joe was my favorite so I put him over a lot. We would set all our action figures up in the ring and pick a action figure a piece. We went to the other side of the room and launched our toys towards the ring and knock all the action figures down and out the ring. When there was no more action figures in the ring we launched our toys towards the ring again and the first one to land his in the ring by itself was the winner. We called that the Royal Rumble.

I was very competitive in school whether physically during sports activities or in the classroom. I attended Orville Wright Middle School and Westchester High School both located in Westchester, Ca. In high school I played basketball which was fun for me. It was then I learned how to be a team player, how to follow instructions, and playing in front of a crowd. Unfortunately my school didn’t have a wrestling team so basketball filled that void.

I had never been to a pro wrestling show when I was young or was able to see the pay per views so when I was old enough to work make money and my own decisions I ordered every pay per view and went to every WWE show that came to southern California. At one of those shows I got a flyer that read: Train to be a pro wrestler at Santino Bros.Wrestling Academy! I kept it around the house and contemplated it for weeks before I decided to call. I was invited down to orientation and there I met Kaos, Mongol, Supreme, Angel, Robbie, B.C Killer, Jezebel, Joey Dynamite, and the students at the time as well as others. I didn’t know what to expect I just knew I’d been watching wrestling my whole life so I was familiar with the moves and I knew we were going to work out that was it. We started with stretches and then we ran through push ups, squats, and some other drills that were extremely tiring. I learned rolls that day also and did some shoot fighting. My very first day of training March 8th 2008 and I must have vomited 5 times that day but I was proud I lasted to the end and I couldn’t wait for the next week.

A year later and I am so proud of myself for sticking through my training and becoming a pro wrestler a sport I have a tremendous passion for. Santino Bros.Wrestling Academy definitely changed my life in a major way. They took me from someone who enjoys watching wrestling to someone who enjoys wrestling. I’m very ecstatic to start my career and be one of them guys kids look up too the same way I did which made me love this sport in the first place. I recommend anyone who wants to become a pro wrestler to follow their dreams and make them a reality.