Vern Langdon 1941-2011

Vern Langdon 1941-2011

It is with a heavy heart that we report, Verne Langdon passed away in his sleep this past Saturday January 1, 2011. He was 69 years old.

Verne Created, Owned and operated Slammers Wrestling Gym in southern California. A Pro Wrestling School that was very influential to the wrestling business, and a man that influenced many in the Wrestling industry.

Verne Langdon (born September 15, 1941 – January 1, 2011) was a musician, composer, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, recording artist, record producer, actor, makeup artist, writer and a pro wrestler.

Here’s are some heart felt thoughts about Verne.

Mongol Santino -Thank you Verne. :( RIP

Brawlin Bo Cooper – Wow I am saddend to here the passing of a true socal legend Mr Vern Langdon, vern was the owner of slammers wrestling school the very first school i ever went to check out when i was just 12 years old.. last week vern added me on here and we chatted . RIP sir my thoughts and prayers.

very sad news.Just last week Vern added me as a freind on fb. He had nothing but nice things to chat about. He complamented me as a wrestler and I explained to him that the very first time I met him I was 12 years old and me and my mother went to slammers to take his famous wrestling tour he hosted for fans to see. RIP Mr Langdon. U were a true Socal legend all around.

David Marquez – Sorry to hear of the passing of Verne Langdon. He was the owner of Slammers here in SoCal and had a hand in shaping the area. I’ll never forget his collection of Gorgeous George memorabilia.

Eric Simms – i met him back in the early 90’s. slammers was an awesome place. i took some pics that i might post later on. he even had a license plate on his corvette that said ” slam me “. sad to hear of his passing

Benjamin V Tomas – RIP Verne Langdon. It is too bad that the first wrestling related death of 2011 is someone that had such an impact on the Southern California territory. A very sad day.

Kevin Salisbury – Oh wow. I met him when I visited Slammers back in early 90’s…My condolences

Travis Dawdy – RIP … I was a regular at the shows at Slammers Gym in Sun Valley in the early 90s !

Joey Kaos – Rest in Peace Verne. I never met you, but have known and met many people influenced by you. Your Slammers Wrestling Gym was like a ‘blueprint’ Mongol and I used in creating our Academy. You’ll forever be missed. -Our deepest condolences to Langdon’s friends and family on his passing.

cult_radio – Verne Langdon was a friend of ours-We spent days at his home & created his station for him. He gave us CRAGG THE Gargoyle. We are speechless.

eltorolatino – my good friend of 21 years, Verne langdon, died this Morning in his sleep. he was a friend, mentor, father, and brother to me. Toro’s Blog

jovankavuckovic – RIP Verne Langdon. Sculptor, musician, writer, fan, friend.

AcmeDesignInc – Horror and mask-making fans mourn the passing of Verne Langdon; a monsterskid extraordinaire.

oranj23 – Verne Langdon, we’ll miss you. RIP

FreakyMonsters – Our condolences to the friends and family of Verne Langdon who passed away on New Years Day at the age of 69. He was a makeup artist, radio personality, voice-over artist, writer, producer, actor, makeup artist, mask maker, professional wrestler, puppeteer, magician, comic, musician, singer and songwriter. He will be missed my so so many!

Edie McMillan I knew Verne too, through Darren,Dynamite D McMillan and the years he trained and taught at Slammers. Verne was responsible for making it possible for many wrestlers to live their dream. He will be missed. I think maybe he and Dynamite are together again!

Carlos Torres I can’t begin to say how I feel, first with the lost of Darren. Now Verne,it feels like yesterday when we were going to slammers….. just hold those loved ones a little closer. R.I.P. my friends.

Danny Munchichi

Ernest Coronel Thank you for sharing your love of this great sport with us.

Dave Mace This is sad news. Verne was a very unique person in so many different ways. ….seemed to care about his boys. RIP Verne

Billy Welch Just heard about Verne Langdon. Vern ran Slammers Wrestling Gym & SWF (Slammers Wrestling Federation). He gave me my start in wrestling & is responsible 4 giving many others (although they refuse 2 acknowledge it) there start as well. I learned the art of pro-wrestling at Slammers. More importantly, I learned proper locker room etiquette & how 2 B a true pro. Thank U ,Vern 4 alowing me 2 live my dream. Rest in Peace.

Artie Heinrich
My mentor and best friend Verne Langdon passed away on January 2nd, 2010. Rest In Peace my friend! We loved you and will miss you. God bless.

To my dear friend Verne Langdon. He loved this song, and so do I.

Jonathan Barber
To some people, Verne Langdon was a professional wrestler/trainer/promoter, singer/songwriter, record producer, radio host, make-up artist, mask designer, and magician. To me, more importantly than those pursuits, he was a friend and a mentor.

By the time I first got in touch with Verne in 2003, he had already achieved decades? worth of successes in several entertainment-related industries. I, of course, had no such achievements to my credit. Nonetheless, Verne not only gave me the time of day, but he saw potential in me, and he let me know this often.

As I look back on old e-mails (many of which contain Verne?s signature red and blue font that I will surely miss) and think back to our conversations, it hits me that despite how na?ve I probably came off to Verne, he never gave up on me, nor did he ever give up on teaching me life lessons. Even when I ignored his advice, he still never gave up on me.

When thinking about how to best describe Verne, the word I keep coming back to is ?wise.? It is this ? the wisdom that he possessed and his willingness to impart that wisdom to others in the form of advice ? that I want people to know about him most. When Verne gave you advice, it may or may not have been the advice you *wanted* to hear, but it was the advice that you *should* hear, and he was telling you it for a very good reason. I am grateful that Verne shared some of his wisdom and advice with me.

There are several lessons I will take away from Verne, but all of them can be considered as falling under one umbrella principle: always think about the big picture of things.

As an example of this guideline, the importance of excelling as a professional wrestler, referee, manager, booker, journalist, fan, etc. pales in comparison ? as Verne communicated to me ? to the importance of other ambitions, such as:

– excelling in your education
– excelling in showing respect–particularly to those who taught you what you know and to those who came before you (i.e. those who taught your teachers what they know)
– excelling in being honest and in staying true to your word
– excelling in behaving like a professional if you are going to claim to be a professional
– excelling in being original
– excelling in doing everything you do to the best of your ability

That being said, I also learned from Verne that even when it does come to excelling in professional wrestling, all of these qualities are useful, and nearly all of them are essential.

Verne, thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with me, and thank you for seeing something special in me–and for letting me know that you see something special in me. I hope to make you proud.

r.I.p Verne you will be missed

Slammers Gym maestro Verne Langdon dies – SLAM! Sports: By Greg Oliver